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Spring term is here! Courses will be available on March 30th. Please read below carefully to find out if your ONLINE course is in Canvas or Angel.

UCC is using both Angel and Canvas online learning management systems (LMS) as it transitions from Angel to Canvas during spring and summer. There are approximately 50 fully online courses using Canvas for Spring term.

  • To check if your online course is using Canvas, please review the list of online courses in Canvas.
  • Otherwise, look for your online course in Angel.
  • For face to face classes, your instructor will let you know in class if you need to login to Canvas or Angel.

To get started in Angel or Canvas, please visit New to Canvas and/or New to Angel.

On-campus Canvas/Angel orientations are listed in Announcements.

UCCOnline is now offering Course Previews!

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Thinking about doing some Web Design?

Preview the newly redesigned "VC134 Intro to Dreamweaver" course

Adobe Dreamweaver is the leading software in the industry for professional web development, and is an essential tool for any web designer. In this class students will learn the basics of this software as well as essential practices for professional web design and site development. This course will cover how to use Dreamweaver to manage site files, insert text and images, link pages together, and incorporate and apply basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to font elements. Students will utilize Dreamweaver's built in CSS Layouts for positioning elements within web pages. Use of tables for laying out tabular data will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on creating intuitive web structures on a basic level.


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