Commercial Truck Driving

Tuition & Payment

Payment Methods

Tuition may be paid in a variety of ways:

  1. Cash, Check or Money Order
  2. Visa, Master or Debit Card
  3. Student Loans:
    • Students can obtain their own financing through an institution of their choice.
      Contact Jesse Morrow at (541) 440-4713 for current student loan options.
  4. Funding Agencies
    • Umpqua Training and Employment, Inc. (special programs only) (541) 672-7761
    • Vocational Rehabilitation (special programs only) (541) 440-3371
    • Employment Dept. (special programs only) (541) 440-3344

Tuition Reimbursement and Sign-On Bonuses

Several trucking companies have a tuition reimbursement program. This program is offered by the first company that hires the graduate, and is designed to pay for student loans while earning wages over time. Some trucking companies may pay for the entire loan depending on how long a graduate stays employed with that company.

Many trucking companies offer a sign-on bonus. For example, a company may pay $500 to the employee after 6 months of employment.

Once a student is fully qualified for the program, they must enroll at the Registration Office and see the Cashier at the Campus Center Building unless other payment arrangements have been made.

UCC Commercial Truck Driving Program Projected Fees

Fee: Amount: Paid to:
Tuition Fess $4935.00 UCC
Admission Fee (includes placement test) $25.00 UCC
Registration Fee $20.00 UCC
Copy of Driving Record (10 year) $5.00 DMV
DOT Drug Screen (within 30 days of class) $60.00 EFM
CDL Class A Instructional Permit $23.50 DMV
General Knowledge Test (required) $10.00 DMV
Airbrakes Test (required) $10.00 DMV
Combination Vehicle (required) n/c DMV
Doubles\Triples (opt.) $10.00 DMV
Tanker (opt.) $10.00 DMV
Hazardous Materials (opt.) $10.00 DMV
Background Check for Hazmat (opt.) $94.00 IBT
CDL License $75.50 DMV
Administrative Fee for 3rd Party Tester $40.00 DMV
CDL Drive Test 3rd Party Tester $150.00 Lana's