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Health Informatics: AAS

UCC's Health Informatics program prepare you to work in an emerging occupation in the health care industry. Health Informatics is a high-demand occupation that encompasses many different positions and skills.

You'll be trained in a variety of IT, health care, and business oriented skills. You will initially develop software and hardware problem-solving skills using programming logic and hands-on lab situations. You will then learn to use common office applications, gain practical experience with current mainstream operating systems (OS), and work with typical hardware configurations.

Advanced databases (DBMS), health care IT, health care finance, medical terminology, systems analysis (project management), networking and networking security are focal areas in the second year.

This program is fully articulated with the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). If you are entering other than fall term or desire to transfer to a four-year Health Informatics degree program, you should see your Health Informatics faculty advisor. Please also see Transfer Guide section below. 


Individuals who earn this degree will be able to fill a variety of entry-level positions within any health care organization related to the use of technology in the management and delivery of health care services. This degree focuses on providing you with basic knowledge of the healthcare industry and the skills necessary to use various technologies in a healthcare setting.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians (29-2071): Compile, process, and maintain medical records of hospital and clinic patients in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of the health care system. Process, maintain, compile, and report patient information for health requirements and standards.

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Statewide Employment Analysis

2008 employment is estimated to be somewhat larger than the regional average. This occupation is expected to grow at a much faster rate than the regional average. Total job openings are projected to be somewhat higher than the regional average. Reasonable employment opportunities exist for trained workers.

More Information can be found on the OLMIS website

Educational Requirements

Workers must have postsecondary training to gain the necessary skills for this occupation. However, those with an associate have a competitive advantage in this labor market.

Transfer Guide

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Catalog Info

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Recommended Sequence for Course Curriculum

  • Course # Course name Credits
    CIS 122 Introduction to Programming 4
    MED 110 Health Information Technology
    (Offered through Lane CC online; either LCC course HI 107 or 110)
    BA 211 Principles of Accounting 3
    WRI 121 English Composition 4
  • Course # Course name Credits
    CIS 135 Application Dev. for Computers 3
    CIS 140M Intro. to Operating Systems-MS 4
    MED 283 Health Information Systems
    (Offered through Lane CC online; either LCC course HI 111 or 283)
    WR 122 English Composition 3
  • Course # Course name Credits
    CIS 125B DB Applications Dev. I 3
    CIS 151C Networking Essentials (Cisco 1) 4
    CIS 275 Advanced DBMS Programming I 4
    CIS 245 Project Management
    (Offered through Lane CC online; LCC course CIS 245)
  • Course # Course name Credits
    BA 214 Business Communications 3
    CIS 276 Interm. Database Management 4
    CIS 152C Routing Protocols 4
    MED 182 Health Care Delivery Systems
    (Offered through Lane CC online; either LCC course HI 101 or 182)
    MTH 105 Mathematics (or higher math class) 4
  • Course # Course name Credits
    MED 285 Health Care Fin. & Compliance
    (Offered through Lane CC online; LCC course HI 285)
    CIS 153C Interm. Routing and Switching 4
    CIS 279M Network Management 4
    PSY 101 Psychology of Human Relations 3
    WR 227 Technical Report Writing 4
  • Course # Course name Credits
    CIS 244 Systems Analysis and Design 4
    CIS 280D Cooperative Work Experience 4
    MED 111 Medical Terminology 3
    CIS 154C Wide Area Network Protocols 4
    CIS 284 Network Security 4

Approved Health Informatics Electives

Course # Course name Credits
CIS 140M Intro to Operating Systems-MS 4
CIS 140L Intro to Operating Systems-MS 4
CIS 151C Network Fundamentals (Cisco 1)
(Listed as an elective for students transferring to the UCC from another institution)
CIS 152C Routing Protocols and Concepts (Cisco 2) 4
CIS 153C Interm. Routing and Switching (Cisco 3) 4
CIS 154C Wide Area Networking Protocols (Cisco 4) 4
CIS 240C Microsoft Windows Server Administration 4
CIS 279M Network Management 4
CIS 284 Network Security 4
GS 104 General Science (Chemistry) 4
CH 104 Intro to Chemistry 4

Program Requirements

Completion of MTH 095 or placement test scores indicating MTH 105 or higher and WR 121 or higher is required; test scores of RD 90, WR 90, MTH 20 are also required for entry into the CIS-Health Informatics program.

The following General education classes are required: MTH 105 or higher (4); WRI 121 (4); WRI 122 (4); WRI 227 (4); PSY 101 (3).

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Prospective students should visit Advising and Career Services to get started and then see a program advisor (below) to develop a more focused educational plan.

John Blackwood, MS - Contact
Associate Professor, CIS
Phone: 541-440-7686

Vince Yip, MS - Contact
Associate Professor, CIS
Phone: 541-440-7886