ASUCC Constitution

Article X—Associated Student Executive Council

Section 1—The Structure

  1. The ASUCC Executive Council shall consist of the President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Student Activities, Public Relations Officer, Secretary/Business Manager.
  2. There shall be an advisor serving in an ex officio capacity.
  3. Each member of the ASUCC Executive Council shall have one vote.
  4. There shall be no absentee or proxy voting.
  5. The ASUCC Executive Council shall meet weekly during the academic year, with the exception of vacations, holidays and finals week.
  6. The ASUCC Executive Council shall meet once per term for a planning session.
  7. The ASUCC President may call for a meeting at any time deemed necessary.
  8. Committee chair person(s) shall attend in order to give a report from their committee.