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Dental Hygiene: Transfer

The UCC Dental Hygiene transfer program prepares you for a bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene at Oregon Institute of Technology. Students transferring from UCC to Oregon Institute of Technology will be given full credit for all articulated courses.


A dental hygienist is a licensed oral health professional who provides preventive, therapeutic, restorative, and educational interventions to control oral disease and promote optimal oral health. A dental hygienist is a highly skilled clinician who uses a variety of interpersonal skills as they work closely with patients and co-workers.

As part of the dental team, the employment opportunities vary from private offices to public health. Dental hygienists also have career opportunities in education, research, development, dental technology, therapeutics, and management.

Transfer Guide

The OIT Dental Hygiene program is a 1 + 3 program, meaning that full-time students should be able to complete prerequisites in one year, with an additional three (3) years required for the OIT bachelor’s program. Students must complete a minimum of 60 credits of upper-division work (300- and 400-level classes taken at a four-year institution) before a degree will be awarded - a minimum of 45 of these credits must be taken from OIT.

Courses in the sciences and health fields such as, biology, psychology, chemistry, mathematics, and speech will be beneficial to a student interested in a dental hygiene career.

Certificates at UCC

Why UCC?

Why UCCAt UCC, you can earn a TWO-YEAR TRANSFER DEGREE for less than you'll pay for one year at a state university. Plus, UCC offers:

• Seamless, direct transfer degrees
• Expert faculty dedicated to teaching
• Personal attention and small class sizes
• Online classes


Prospective students should visit Advising and Career Services to get started and then see a program advisor (below) to develop a more focused educational plan.

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Associate Professor, Health Services
Phone: 541-440-7814