Advising & Career Services

Display #
Name Position Phone
Mandie Pritchard Director of Advising & Counseling 541-440-4609
Carol Kidd Receptionist 541-440-4610
Mary Morris Lead Advising Specialist 541-440-7763
Marty Garrison Advising Specialist 541-440-7667
Michael Olson Advising Specialist 641-440-7767
Chris Grant Counselor, Assistant Professor 541-440-7665
Sue Windsor Counselor, Associate Professor 541-440-4611
Nancy Hart Testing Coordinator 541-440-7659
Danielle Haskett Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Disability Services 541-440-7655
Mike Olson Academic Advisor 541-440-7767
Ben Horvath Job Placement Coordinator 541-440-7797
Kerrie Wylam Eastern Oregon University Regional Director and Advisor 541-440-4708
Loyce Krogel GED Tester 541-440-4610
Judith Lasswell GED Tester 541-440-4610
Counseling Center 541-440-4610
Laura Barlow Front Desk Assistant 541-440-4610
Hanna Culbertson Academic Advising Specialist 541-440-7748
Natasha Bjornsen Perkins Career Network Specialist
Christina Anderson Accommodation Specialist, Disability Services