All-Day Laptops now available for out-of-library checkout!

Do you suffer from a need to be out in the sun, but you find yourself stuck inside with a laptop?

Now the UCC Library has an answer: Check out an All-Day Laptop for use on-campus all day long!

These laptops can be borrowed from the library with a student ID card that has a current term sticker. Just make sure to return your laptop 15 minutes before the library closes.

Interested in learning more? Or maybe borrowing a laptop? Come see us at the Library Circulation Desk!

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End Poet Hunger! - April Poetry Contest

April is National Poetry Month, and we don’t want our poets to starve! To that end, the UCC Library is hosting an April Poetry Contest from April 7th – April 25th. Poets will have the chance to win lunch for two at the River Rush Bistro, with a Grand Prize poem winning $100 certificate at the UCC Bookstore.

Entry is easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Pick one of the “library photos” from our display in the library and/or this library blog post announcing our contest (see below).
  2. Write us a poem inspired by one of the photos! It has to be at least two lines long, but otherwise—have fun with it.
  3. Submit your contact information, the photo choice, and the poem to the library by April 25th. You can turn in a paper entry form to the circulation desk or submit online.

That’s it! We’ll draw winners for the Bistro lunches randomly from all of our completed entries, and the Grand Prize poem will be selected by the library.

A few guidelines:

  • Our contest is open to current UCC credit students only.  (UCC staff are not eligible—sorry!)
  • Physical entry forms will be available at the Library circulation desk on April 7; online entry directions & the photos can be found below.
  • Entries must be turned in complete to the circulation desk by 5 pm on Friday, April 25, 2014 for entry into the drawings. (Incomplete entries won’t be eligible.)
  • Winners have until May 5, 2014 to pick up their prize; otherwise, we draw another lucky winner.
  • One entry per student, please.

How to enter the poetry contest online:

Step 1: Select a Photo (one photo only)--

Photo A
 Photo A - annie

Photo B 
Photo B - goprint

Photo C 
Photo C - couch

Step 2: Write a poem at least two lines long about the photo you chose.

Step 3: Enter! Use the UCC Library contact form and give us this information--

  • Your Name (First and Last)
  • Your UCC Student ID number
  • Your Contact Info. (either an email or phone #)
  • The Photo You Chose-- A, B, or C. (Choose ONE)
  • Your Poem

Good luck!

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June 7 - Spring Study - In!

Join us on Saturday, June 7th from 11 am - 7 pm for the Spring Study-In at the Library, sponsored by ASUCC. Come get ready for Finals-- we'll have all the snacks, beverages, and tutors you'll need to make the last week of Spring term a success!

Please be aware, this event is open to current UCC students and staff ONLY. 

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Looking for our older Library blog posts?

Hi there! Welcome to our new library newsfeed.

Posts from our old UCC Library blog (Age of Umpquarius) can be found here:


Happy browsing!

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Poetry Contest Winners

We have winners! Congratulations to our poets, and thank you for sharing your poetry with us. It was a tough choice-- we had many great poems to select from-- but we have one Grand Prize winner and 16 Bistro lunch winners from our contest. Check below to see the winning poets and read our Grand Prize poem!

If you see your name below, please stop by the Library circulation desk to pick up your prize!

Bistro lunch certificate winners (selected by drawing)

Angela M.          Ann K.
Brandon S.        Dana K.
Diana R.            Don C.
Jamie G.            Jennifer G.
Jon S.                Mike B.
Nicole J.             Onjoli W.
Sierra K.            Skyler S.
Stephanie M.      William E.

Grand Prize Poem (selected by the Library staff)

Poet: Epiffany G.  |  Photo A


The sound of retreating footsteps
and the closing of a door.
My opportunity has arrived!

I fly from the floor
onto the chair and observe
the glowing face in front of me.

Small blocks with symbols
I recognize lie before me

I press each precisely,
one hieroglyph at a time,
and realize quite quickly that
the footsteps are returning,
a door is opening.

I leap to the floor and
pretend to not have moved
satisfied that my message is complete:


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