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The mission of the ASUCC Student Leadership Team shall be to provide representation of student interests, needs and well-being within Umpqua Community College through a model of governance which provides for student support and engagement.

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Welcome Megan Morehouse

The New ASUCC Vice President

Congratulations to our recently appointed Vice President, Megan Morehouse.

As a member of the Oregon Community College Association Leadership Board, her job involves communicating among the many colleges in Oregon. She will also be working with Oregon's government and legislation on behalf of UCC. Morehouse will represent students on campus on a variety of campus committees and oversee the ASUCC 2015-16 Officer Elections.

Morehouse joined ASUCC as a senator during Summer 2014. Because she is seen as a role model by many members of the ASUCC team and because of her calm demeanor, patience and organization skills, she was promoted to Vice President.

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