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Making payments for your education is an investment and a responsibility. With any decision, there are benefits and consequences. It is vital that you know the consequences and other details that result from not making payments.

Consequences of not paying

If you fail to pay your account, the college may take any or all of the following actions:

  • Require immediate payment in full
  • Block enrollment for any future terms
  • Decline to provide transcripts
  • Turn accounts over to a collections status for non-payment after three months *
  • Assign your debt to the Oregon Department of Revenue (ODR) for offset of any refunds or sums due to you from ODR or any other state agency

Students will receive a final notice for accounts that are overdue before the college assigns them to a collections status and reports them to a credit bureau. The collection agency will add additional collection fees, court and attorney costs to account.

Past Due Accounts Assigned to a Collections Status after Three Months

Accounts will be turned over to a collections status for non-payment after three months. You will receive a final billing statement for accounts that are overdue before the college assigns them to a collection status and reports them to a credit bureau. Failure to maintain a correct address with Registration Office will result in your account going to collections status if unpaid.

Past Due Accounts Must be paid at the Assigned Collection Agency

If your account has been assigned to a collection agency, you are no longer able to make payment to UCC. If you wish to pay off outstanding debts to UCC, you will be referred to the collection agency responsible for your account and will need to make payment in full to that agency.

If you have paid your accounts in full with the collection agency, you will not be able to register or have a transcript released until UCC receives the funds from the collection agency and the UCC account balance has been completely cleared. Payments from collection agencies can take eight weeks to reach UCC. No exceptions will be made to allow you to register or receive an unofficial or official transcript until the account shows the balance has been paid in full.

If you know the collection agency your accounts has been assigned to, please select from the list below. If you are unsure, please contact the Finance Office at 541-440-4635.

General Revenue Corporation (GRC)
Phone: 1-800-234-6258

Oregon Department of Revenue (ODR)
Phone: ODR 1-877-222-2346 in state
ODR 503-945-8199 out of state

Southern Oregon Credit Services
Phone: 541-773-6238

Asset Recovery Group, Inc
Phone: 1-800-458-6368
Phone: 503-230-9522

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