Angel Tutorials

Computer Requirements and System Check - See if your computer is ready for ANGEL

Angel Basics - Everything you need to get started with ANGEL.

ANGEL Student QuickStart Guide - This is a detailed document (.pdf) with information on using the ANGEL.

Post to a Forum - How to post to a Discussion Forum

How to Submit to a Dropbox - You will use this to attach files to an email or the Assignment Drop Box

How to Check Dropbox for Successful Submission - This is an important step to be sure your submission is successful. Your instructor will give you a zero for incorrect submissions.

Viewing Grades - You can view your grades at any time. Click on REFRESH for the most updated grades.

Print within Angel - This will help you print out pages for use off-line.

Print Power Points with Less Paper - This step-by-step guide will walk you through printing multiple slides per page.

How to download a file - How to download a file from ANGEL.

Taking an Online Quiz - There are quizzes throughout many ANGEL online courses and this process is used for quizzes and exams.

Save to a .rtf File (Rich Text Format) - This format may be required your instructors in their course.

How to use Adobe Reader for Angel - Learn about how to use Adobe Reader while in Angel.

UCC Online Tips from Fellow Students - Watch a short video with great tips!